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About us

Our coaches are the best in the business. They’re experienced, educated, and highly-qualified. They’re also passionate — about fitness, about you, your goals, and providing you the best training experience around. They’ve worked with people of every fitness level and are well-versed in helping you meet every goal, from the smallest (not necessarily the easiest) to the biggest, and most challenging.

for a coach, The greatest joy comes from watching an athlete succeed.  

Dakota Cardosanto



Dakota Cardosanto is the owner of Broad Street CrossFit. He specializes in all things health, performance, and helping others be all that they can be. Coach Dakota started coaching in 2009 after joining the U.S. Army. He jokes that he was a seriously out of shape college grad and needed to be as fit as possible for his new active profession.

During his down time as an Army Paratrooper, he used learning about fitness and working out as an escape. About 2 years into his contract, he spoke with his grandfather about his life’s plans for when his contract was up. After that conversation, it was apparent that owning a health and performance  gym was in his cards.

“I love the energy I get from a class when you can tell the entire group has decided to put everything else going on in their life aside for one hour and just focusses on working hard and having fun. It’s amazing seeing people getting an escape from normal life and a chance to let loose while doing something positive even if it’s just for a little bit."


  • CrossFit Level 3 - Certified Trainer

  • CrossFit Endurance, Scaling, Weightlifting, Mobility, Gymnastics, Competitors, Football, Anatomy, Lesson Planning, Running

  • CrossFit Preferred Courses: Advanced Coaching Concepts, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Kilgore Academy: Teaching Endurance & Multi-Element Fitness, Birdbox Coach Development

  • OPEX/OPT CCP Level 1 Certified: Case Study(under OPT), Assessment, Nutrition, Program Design, Business Systems, & Life Coaching

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1

  • FIT EDU Certified Kettlebell Instructor (CKI-1)

  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach & Club Coach

  • FuBarbell Olympic-Style Weightlifting Rules Attendee

  • Kendrick Farris' Bless the Gym Tour Attendee

  • OPEX Athlete Camp Attendee

Todd Gorsop

Longest Tenured Coach


Todd Gorsop is our senior coach here at Broad Street. He specializes in strength & conditioning and nutrition.

“I’ve been lifting weights since I was 5 years old so I’ve tried just about every way to get stronger and have a great understanding of where people are in their fitness journey. I really enjoy going deeper down the rabbit hold of potential. Constantly learning and pursuing a better understanding of myself and the world around me.”

Coach Todd’s start in the athletic world came by way of baseball, basketball and football all the way through high school. Later, he played football for Millersville. Soon thereafter, he discovered a hiddent talent for moving some seriously heavy weight. He placed 2nd and 3rd in a few Strongman competitions in 2001 and 2002.

“I got into CrossFit Football to support my role as a strength and conditioning coach for a highschool football team and really enjoyed the coommunity of CrossFitters. There is nothing more rewarding then knowing I may have made an athlete’s day better, or helped them gain confidence by learning a new skill or encouraging them to push through their doubts. The first pull up, the body composition change, the housewife deadlifting over 200lbs . . . I love it all.”


  • CrossFit Level 2

  • CrossFit Football, Weightlifting, Mobility

  • CrossFit Preferred Course: Advanced Coaching Concepts​

  • Strength Sensei Kinetic Chain Enhancement, Squat, Deadlift, and Metabolic Analytics

  • FuBarbell Olympic-Style Weightlifting Rules Attendee

  • Kendrick Farris' Bless the Gym Tour Attendee


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