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how do i start?

Before you drop a single bead of sweat, you’ll meet with one of our coaches for an intro. This informal meeting is 100% focused on you, and is designed for both of us to decide if we’re a great fit for each other.  We take the time to find out about your physical abilities, experience, and personal goals.   We use that information to build you a complete private training experience designed to meet your goals.

Everybody at Broad Street starts with Private Training. It’s the safest, most enjoyable way to begin trainig the right way, and most people do 5-10 sessions before moving to Small Group training. 

Group Class


After private sessions you'll be completely prepared to join our group classes.  Led by elite coaches, you'll be motivated, constantly learning, and in the great company of other members who are on the same journey as you.  You'll get the same amount of attention as our private sessions, only now you have company, and a lower payment.

There's an unmatched camaraderie in our classes that makes training fun and working out hard feel easier.

You'll continue your physical and emotional progress that started in the private sessions and maintain that progress forever.  

Quickly you'll lose fat, build lean muscle, gain strength, speed, and cardio respiratory endurance.  Your flexibility will improve, your confidence will grow, and yes, because of all of this you'll look great.  And feel great too.  

The best part is that no matter what fitness level you are, you will progress in our gym.  From beginner to elite.  Injuries and setbacks are no issue either, we've learned to modify around anything.

Once you start, the rest is history.

group class memberships

3x Week


Per week

6mo unlim


Per week

3mo unlim


Per week

M2m unlim


Per week

  • All memberships are paid monthly based on a 4 week month.  

  • Unlimited Memberships are unlimited classes and unlimited open gym time.  3x a week membership is 3 classes a week and no open gym.

  • For the 6 and 3 month unlimited, if you cancel before the commitment term is reached you must pay the next month's fee to terminate in return for the lower rate.

Student Membership: $135/MO Unlimited.  Must be a full time undergrad, high school student, or younger. 

Family Discounts: 

Married Couples: 10% off of both memberships

Married Couples + 1 kid: 50% off of the childs membership

Ready to join us?

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